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This is a newsletter about running and fitness and trying to make sense of the world through our shared experiences with training, racing and simply getting out there for a run. The tagline is: Real running for real people. If you run, you’re a runner, and I hope you’ll join this community of passionate, supportive runners of all levels and abilities.

Ok, but what about the Probably?

Allow me to quote from the introductory post:

The word probably is going to do some work. It encompasses everything from yoga and meditation to strength training, nutrition, recovery, and sleep. It will also include thoughts on parenting, aging, relationships, mental health, spirituality, and all the things that go into a life well lived. There may even be some basketball. 

So, this newsletter can be about everything really. But mainly running.

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Real running for real people


Writer, runner, dad, but not always in that order.